Fish Report for 8-23-2011

Tons Of Tuna

Bill Roecker

The long-running annual Bruce Davis charter aboard Spirit of Adventure with owner-skipper Mike Keating returned to H&M Landing August 24 with a great catch of yellowfin and bluefin tuna after four days at sea.

"As always, Keating was outstanding," said chartermaster Davis to dock reporter Bill Roecker. "He puts us on the fish. He and his crew are the finest in the business." Keating said the wind came up on the last afternoon of fishing, and made for slow going coming back up the hill.

Garrett Quimby, 13 shown in the photo, of Oak Hill Middle School in Anaheim was fishing with his dad, and pulled in a limit of yellowfin tuna. He posed for a photo with a brace of his tuna. He plays flag football at school.

Gerry Schmidt of Oceanside won first place for his 66.4-pound bluefin tuna. He said he took it with a sardine on a ringed 4/0 Owner Super Mutu hook on 60-pound Blackwater fluorocarbon and 80-pound Line One spectra. He fished with a Penn 16 S reel modified by Cofe and a Super Seeker 6460 rod, and beat his big bluefin in a 40-minute tussle.

Chris Pellicano of Redondo Beach won second place for a 61.8-pounder, and Brian Greene of Long Beach won third place for a 53-pound bluefin tuna.

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