Fish Report for 8-14-2011

Bigger Bluefin Bite + a 59.9 lb. White Seabass on the Spirit of Adventure

Bill Roecker

With several other long range boats this past week, Spirit of Adventure tested the islands of Cedros/Benitos on a five-day trip. Like the others, Spirit's anglers found squid floating in the daytime, balled up by sea lions and yellowtail. They scooped some squish up and used it to make a fine catch of yellowtail and a couple of whopper white seabass, then took it to the bluefin grounds to the north where the candy bait proved effective on bluefin tuna, including some larger models of the species.

Mike Keating brought his Spirit home to H&M Landing August 14 with an excellent mixed catch.

Leaf Stilson of San Pedro won first place for a 62-pound bluefin tuna. It ate his squish on a 4/0 ringed Owner Mutu hook sunk with an eight-ounce torpedo weight. He said he fished with 40-pound line of an unknown brand, on an Avet HX reel and a Calstar 6465 rod.

Mike Roghair of Lakewood won second place for his 59.9-pound white seabass, the best of the season. Skipper Keating thought the fish would have gone close to 80 pounds had it been fat and ready to spawn. It bit on a squid at the islands.

Leo Sanchez of Nipomo got a 59.75-pound bluefin tuna for third place. It also took a squid.

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