Fish Report for 8-27-2011

Albacore Are "A Big Hit" Aboard the Spirit of Adventure

Bill Roecker

Spirit of Adventure arrived at H&M Landing August 27 after as five-day Avet/Seeker trip with owner skipper Mike Keating. Ben Frazier was chartermaster. Two albacore took the top two spots.

Asked about the albacore, Keating told dock reporter Bill Roecker, "Somebody's gonna get a big hit on those things. Conditions are right, and they're out there somewhere."

Sandy Fishell of El Centro won first place for her 32.2-pound longfin. She said it bit a sardine on a 2/0 Mustad hook and 40-pound Maxima fluorocarbon. She fished with 60-pound Line One spectra on an Avet MXL Raptor reel and a Seeker Hercules seven-foot rod. Sandy was thrilled, and told Roecker she had been third the last time she fished on the Spirit.
Avet rep Ben Frazier won second place for his 31-pound albie, and Jacques Terblanche took third place for a 21.55-pound yellowfin tuna.

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