Fish Report for 11-18-2017

Big swing

Tim Ekstrom

A slow scratch on quality did not quite satisfy the itch. The gruelingly slow pace and ridiculously difficult fishing conditions fortunately brought out the best in the group as they laughed and chided each other through it. But the catching, similar to the front end of the trip, was uninspiring with such a low return on the effort. Not that the fish weren’t around, they crashed and boiled on our offerings all day. Their buffet was mostly limited to sardines sans hooks however as they took full advantage of all that we supplied.

And it continues. Not exactly leading the charge on this adventure we have found challenges and adversity at just about every turn. To say it hasn’t come easy is putting it nicely. A lack of fish down below and poor timing so far in the northern zone has positioned us well behind the ball. But we are not down, nor out. Onward and upward. By unanimous consent of one we headed out at dark seeking greener pastures in our final big move of the trip. A boom or bust affair regardless of the outcome we are satisfied with the decision to swing for the fence. If we strike out we do so daring boldly. That is our style.

Photos of the day feature first time Royal Star angler Brenda Colin first with her 129 pound trophy yellowfin moments from gaff, then exultant with her hard earned prize.

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