Fish Report for 11-17-2017

Didn't Deliver

Tim Ekstrom

The coast did not deliver. Epic scenery - yes. Epic weather and conditions, - yes. But no fish. Actually “no fish” is a bit of a stretch - we scratched a few nice yellows in the early am through mid morning. What we were looking for just wasn’t available in bulk; that’s the long and short of it. In light of the scenic tour and beautiful weather I wouldn’t classify the day and original plan as a failure; it just fell short of satisfying the fishing objective. On to the next destination.

Many a time I’ve offered the opinion that the most successful strategy on any given long range voyage is to not paint one’s self into a corner; the more options a Captain has the better. Definitely in the back stretch of this 11 day run I have to admit that our options are beginning to narrow. But they are far from exhausted. Westerly is our first choice as we head back to “The Crucible” to try our hand again at trophy yellowfin. Harboring hope that this will be the last big move of the voyage we shall see. The potential, detailed in many reports received from our colleagues over the past four days, is certainly there.

Photo today features friend to one and all, Royal Star angler extraordinaire Fred Lee who picked this beautiful morning yellowtail from the rugged coast of Southern Baja.

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