Fish Report for 11-19-2017


Tim Ekstrom

An easy day of traveling north not easily containing enthusiasm, or angst, about the final move of this trip. One can not readily recall such an option on a November 11 day run. Incredible fishing for 100 - 200# bluefin tuna on our local banks has taken off once again; the real deal. Not wanting to miss a historic opportunity, and leaving little to nothing behind, we took the shot at glory. Time will tell. No doubt this one is now entirely in the hands of the fish gods.

Photo today features Island Tackle Co-Owner and Charter Master Sam De La Torre with a fine wahoo nabbed at Alijos a few days back. Speaking of the real deal Sam, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all styles of fishing, is exactly that. A trusted resource to any angler seeking advice about equipment, terminal tackle, and any kind of fishing, Sam and his team at Island Tackle are highly recommended, and strongly supported by Royal Star.

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