Fish Report for 11-15-2017

Scratchin' skin

Tim Ekstrom

A fun day of scratching at quality wahoo with a few nice tuna and dorado in the mix. As the weather improved so did the fishing, and the anglers. Switching gears into “scratch” mode took a little bit but once we did the wily speedsters started coming aboard. Not that we slayed them or loaded up. Through pure effort we fortunately accumulated enough to call the day a success and justify a second shot on the outside targeting exotic quality.

These are the occasions when techniques and skills really shine. Many a time I have detailed the highs and lows - the reality - of long range fishing. It’s not always wide open, or even good. It is when the pendulum swings to the low side that anglers and crewmen shine. Make a note to yourself to recall this when the fishing goes south on any given voyage because it inevitably will. Are you the angler that hangs it up and/or pouts when fishing deals you a crap sandwich? Or are you one that digs in, figures it out, then executes a plan to land one or two that will make the day when catching is slow?

During slow times is also when an experienced crew of fishermen really shine. If the fishing is off are the crewmen sitting on their duffs riding the rail waiting for anglers to figure it out on their own? Or are they actively participating by suggesting different methods and techniques, revising tackle, and fishing themselves? The latter is a description of what a quality crew of long range professionals should be doing during the “off” cycles.

Needless to say we had our share of rail time today devising as many ingenious methods as possible to trick these devils into making a mistake. Because of exactly this the day was logged in the success column albeit in limited proportion. We’ll take it. Reports from alternate destinations on the lower end of things at present are dismal. We are admittedly thankful for any and everything catchable down here in light of our options.

On the up side it sounds like the island above is coming back around big time. We are harboring high hopes that such will be the case when we return. Photo for the day features another strong Royal Star supporter and friend Mark Rhodes with Captain Paul Caramao and one of Mark’s hard earned quality wahoo.

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