Fish Report for 11-14-2017

Easy Travel

Tim Ekstrom

Rejuvenated from a serene day of easy southerly travel we are ready to engage in the variety phase of the voyage tomorrow. Overall I’d venture that the timing of this move south could not be better; and is a perfect use of the conditions at hand. In a breezy twenty five knots the boat hardly rolled or yawed as the angle of the swell and wind waves perfectly matched our south easterly heading. Nice. Suffice it to say that traveling in just about any other direction would have been a very different, very unpleasant story.

On the plus side is a forecast predicting rapidly improving conditions tomorrow. Calm winds and seas are always well received by both us and the fish. Many times, especially following an extended period of blustery conditions, a break in the wind contributes to improved catching. However, before I get too carried away offering predictions, there must be fish in the area to catch. That question will be answered tomorrow.

Photo today features a duo of Royal Star anglers David Sumethasorn and Todd Stephens enjoying their hard earned triumph over these beauties at the island yesterday.

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