Fish Report for 11-12-2017

Slow Start

Tim Ekstrom

Well the instincts of the old sea dog in this case were spot on. The inevitable change from very good to very “not so good” hit us square between the eyes today. The glass half full perspective is that we did not get skunked, thank goodness, but it was a grueling afternoon in very difficult fishing conditions. Elevated wind and slack current made for a carousel effect that twisted spectra in maddening cats cradles that became the signature of the day. Dang it! Not good. The positive news is that we have plenty more spectra on board and a wealth of time; though admittedly I am concerned. What seems like a lot of time can become very little after a couple of slow days.

A change in conditions I’m confident will straighten this place out. For now we buckle up, cinch down the chin straps on our head gear, and grind it out. Among the day’s couple of brightest moments is the one featured in today’s image. First time Royal Star angler Margie Kamens, but no stranger to fishing, got the trip started right with this beautiful 137.

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