Fish Report for 4-21-2017

On our way!

Justin Fleck

Captain Justin Fleck called in last night with an update from the Excel. We departed today on our first trip of the season. We have 25 anglers on our Okuma Reel 15 day trip. Everyone is excited to go fishing. We have a great load of bait.

Everyone will be happy to hear but between 50 and 80 miles we saw several schools of breaking bluefin tuna. The fish were 25 pounds to over 100 pounds. There is a lot of bait in that area and it looks very promising for our local offshore fleet.

So we are rolling down the line not sure where we are going to start fishing. We are keeping an eye on the weather. We will be fishing on Tuesday and we will check back in in a couple days.

If you would like to go fishing on the Excel. Please take a look at our schedule where you can BOOK ONLINE. If you have any questions our office is OPEN on weekdays. You can call us at (619) 223-7493.

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