Fish Report for 2-12-2017

Wrapping it up

Mike Ramirez

Hello anglers, Today was the last day down in the lower zone. The first fish hit the deck around 0500 and didn't slow down till about 0830. When the dust settled we ended up with 1 cow, ( Bill Lynd with a 202) a handfull of 170 pounders and several in the 80-130lb. Class. A great way to end the trip. We will be traveling up the line for the next few days. The weather looks good.

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Hello anglers, We've been fishing the lower zone for the last couple of days and we have been able to scratch away at some decent fish. The mornings have definitely been the best bite time but we are still able to pick a few in the afternoon. Most of the fish are in the 80-120 pound class with a handfull of 140-180 pounders in the mix. There has also been a little wahoo around. We still have a few more...... Read More

Hello anglers, This morning we woke to biting tuna. After the morning flurry of 60-140 pounders we were able to pick away at them for most of the day. We were fortune enough to land two cows (a 240 by Dr.Alan Hermer, 219 by Bob Buckland his second for the trip) and a handfull of 150-170 pounders in the mix. We are going to stay here and try it again tomorrow. Wish us luck ...... Read More