Fish Report for 4-24-2017

Nice Ride Down

Justin Fleck

Captain Justin Fleck called in today with an update from the Excel out of Fisherman's Landing. We are having a nice ride down on our Okuma 15 day trip in beautiful weather. We made a quick stop by the bank on the way down and the Alijos Rocks area. We caught some Yellowtail for dinner. It looks pretty interesting down there there is nice warm clean water and a lot of life in the area.

We will be fishing tomorrow AM. The Okuma 15 day group is ready. We will check in tomorrow if there is something to report.

If you would like to go fishing on the Excel. Please take a look at our schedule where you can BOOK ONLINE. If you have any questions our office is OPEN on weekdays. You can call us at (619) 223-7493.

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