Fish Report for 8-5-2013

American Angler goes to work on a Yellow school

Bill Roecker

"Leaving on one of these kind of trips," said the American Angler's report for August 3, "you can pretty much bet that everyday will be different and in our case today, it was for the better. Arriving at our new fishing hole right after daylight, we went to work right away. Fast wound yo-yo jigs and bottom-loopers kept us busy with two to eight fish going, beautiful 18 to 28-pound yellows. This was the most perfect scenario we could have asked for - keeping the gang busy and having fun.
Staying steady for the better half of the day we were all thankful for what a difference a day makes and with everyone able to use a few tags we're heading back up the line in search of some tuna fish.

"Today's star is Ernie Seko smiling with one of the three token white seabass that were thrown in the mix today."

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