Fish Report for 7-30-2013

American Angler finds the all day Bluefin drift.

Bill Roecker

"Fishing for bluefin can be the most frustrating or rewarding fishing that we do," opined the posting from American Angler July 29. "Although most of it has to do with right place at right time: intuition, fish sense, weather and most importantly just being on the grounds on a float day is key.
 We started in the dark after shutting down on a few fish and they started biting right at Grey light.
 We had a great morning with a steady three to 10 going for several hours. We ended up staying in a long drift for most of the day and enjoyed 
good-as-it-gets bluefin fishing. We caught 18 to 40-pound school-sized tuna but also had numerous 50 to 70-pounders in the mix. 
John Liu poses with one of the many he landed today and our other shot is the result of soak type fishing when the bite slows down."

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