Fish Report for 7-29-2013

After yesterday's all day drift, the Americn Angler gets into another Bluefin school

Bill Roecker

"After yesterday's all day drift, which most would only dream about," said the report from American Angler July 26, "anything put aboard today would only be icing on the cake. Starting just an hour off of yesterday's schedule, it was just after breakfast and we were back in the game. Even though the weather came up a little no one seemed to care as we plunked on some more beautiful 18 to 40-pound bluefin. 
At times high fives and audience-cheering made it twice as fun as catching. When it was time to clean it up, some shook their heads in disbelief at to how good we had it. Bill Randall smiles to show some love for his BFT slug. 
Wrapping it up and headed for the barn."

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