Fish Report for 11-11-2017

Fine Beginning

Tim Ekstrom

The voyage begins. Primed and ready we sally forth again loaded with perfect sardines. Opting to start close then venture afar a brief visit to the fine port city of Ensenada will be followed by a short night and morning of travel before fishing begins. The potential of our first destination is well known. Beautiful grade yellowfin tuna beckon from the near distant island of Guadalupe as we seek to begin this run with the main event. We shall see.

Though it has been incredibly consistent for the past week I must admit to some trepidation. Peaks and valleys in the cycle are certain and are definitely related to time. Time on long range voyages being our biggest challenge all of us Captains get a little nervous when a sustained bite occurs before our turn on the water arrives. The saving grace to the west is the sheer volume of fish around and now the significant lack of behemoth grinners. That alone is sufficient to instill enthusiasm in the idea. Soon it will be up to the Fish Gods.

A fantastic group of veteran and new anglers join us on the annual “Island Tackle” eleven day headed up by Charter Master/Island Tackle Co-Owner Sam De La Torre. Reports and photos will detail events as the voyage progresses. Photo today is another ISSF/David Itano classic from the Royal Star archives. Enjoy!

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