Fish Report for 8-30-2016

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Hey folks

We started out scratching a few fish on the anchor on flat fall jigs. Fish were 35-59# and we released a couple handfuls of bft in the 10-20# range. About 1030 the navy kicked the fleet out of the fishing zone so we went in search of new fish. We found plenty of both school size yft and bigger bft but for whatever reason they didn’t want to bite in the deep water. Thank goodness we had the day we had yesterday. The weather flattened out nice. The crew stayed up before we got in and made a coulee tanks of mackerel to try on the bigger bft next trip.

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Hey folks We woke up on the anchor and never had to move the boat all day. We constantly had fish around the boat and almost always had something hooked. We had 35 fish in the 55-90# range and the rest of our daily limits were still really nice fish in the 35-45# range. We are going to spend the night here and try again in the morning.wish us luck! ...... Read More

Hey folks We unloaded our beautiful catch of yellowfin tuna this morning from Guadalupe for the Sal Catania group and now we are switching gears to bft. We topped off on sardines at the bait receivers then headed out to the islands. There was very good sign of 12-15# yellowtail. We captured a few handfuls then headed out to the Bft grounds. Wish us luck tomorrow. Weather is up but at least we will be on the anchor. ...... Read More