Fish Report for 8-28-2016

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Hey folks

We unloaded our beautiful catch of yellowfin tuna this morning from Guadalupe for the Sal Catania group and now we are switching gears to bft. We topped off on sardines at the bait receivers then headed out to the islands. There was very good sign of 12-15# yellowtail. We captured a few handfuls then headed out to the Bft grounds. Wish us luck tomorrow. Weather is up but at least we will be on the anchor.

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Hey folks We caught a little bit of bait last night and after daylight found some scattered fish to drop the anchor on. It started biting right away and we kept several fish going for three hours. It shut off like a light switch so we decided to pull the anchor and try for some yellowtail. We anchored up on a pinnacle and caught a couple yellows then the tuna took over and we had incredible fishing on 60-115# fish the...... Read More

Hey folks We saw good sign of fish come daylight but it was tough to get a bite. We scratched nice quality fish here and there but nothing too spectacular. We made a move about 1500 and found a big area of fish that really w ayes to go. We kept 3-8 going till dinner on 50-80# yellowfin. A great way to end what otherwise would have been a scratchy day. Wish us luck tomorrow on our final day of fishing....... Read More