Fish Report for 11-20-2007

Vagabond Super Cow

Bill Roecker

Vagabond arrived at Point Loma Sportfishing November 20 under owner Mike Lackey's hand, after a nine-day open-party trip to the Southern Banks with 16 anglers.  The boat landed five tuna over 200 pounds, including a whopper super cow; a 327.6-pound yellowfin caught by Tony Saldivar of Laguna Hills.

The fight lasted two hours after the fish hit his fly-lined sardine. "I almost got spooled three times," said Tony.  "I got ‘em in the evening, fought him into the dark. I didn't think he was anything real big at first, but after an hour, everybody knew it was something bigger. Captain Mike could tell by his tail strokes."

"It was a seriously mean fish," said Lackey.

Tony used an 8/0 Eagle Claw hook with 130-pound Maxima line and 130-pound Izorline Spectra backing, a Penn International 50 S reel and a Calstar 655 XXXH rod to land the jackpot winning fish.   Tony posed at Point Loma Sportfishing's certified scales with his 11-month old son Kendall.

"I'm looking forward to our next trip, leaving this Friday," continued Lackey. "We're bringing out the big guns on that one, guys looking for big fish.  They're paying to get punished, it'll be fun."

Kevin O'Rourke of Long Beach took second place in the jackpot with a 228.6-pound tuna.  Kevin fished an 8/0 custom ringed hook by Sav-On Tackle, 130-pound Flourocarbon, a Penn 50 W VSW, and a custom rod by Ron Sears. "The fight was real comfortable," said Kevin. "I had first-rate gear."

Paul Pennello of LaVerne was third with a 188-pound yellowfin.

John "JK" Killingsworth of San Diego brought aboard a handed-off 274.6-pound yellowfin on a 2005 9/0 Eagle Claw ringed hook, 100-pound Soft Steel line, a Penn International 50 two-speed reel, and a Seeker 6455 XXXH rod.

Chad Schaeffer of Huntington Beach landed a 258.6-pound tuna that was "straight balls."  The handed-off tuna was caught on a 9/0 Eagle Claw 2005 ringed hook, 100-pound Soft Steel line, a Penn International 50 two-speed reel, and a Seeker 6455XXXH rod.

Mark Kim of Fullerton caught a 234.6-pound tuna using a 9/0 hook, 100-pound Mono Topshot, 100-pound Soft Steel line, a Penn International two-speed 30W reel, and a Calstar 655 XXH rod.

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