Fish Report for 11-11-2007

He Called It

Bill Roecker

The long range fleet's 10-day tuna catch for the week was likely beaten soundly by Gordon Lackey's five-day catch at Guadalupe Island. Vagabond anglers scored 53 tuna the first day there and 32 on the second. Some good-sized yellowtail were mixed into the catch, and a morning g of rock fishing produced plenty of reds, boccacio and ling cod.

Lackey put his 21 anglers on the dock at Pt. Loma Sportfishing November 11, after the GRUSA and Maxima-sponsored lark. He remarked that the water was 656.8 degrees at Outer Rock.

"I called it," said jackpot winner John Jordan at the scales. "The birds were coming and I said some body was going to get bit. It was me, and he was the only one that bit."

"He" was the 78.6-pound yellowfin Jordan bagged with a 5/0 ringed Super Mutu hook and 30-pound Big Game line. Jordan said he used an Avet 6-3 reel and a Calstar 800 H rod. Dave Nguyen of San Diego was second, for a 66.6-pound tuna, and Dave Lupo of San Diego got third place for a 60.6-pound Guadalupe yellowfin tuna.

"It was a great trip," said skipper Gordon. "The fish gods smiled on us, and the people on the boat were great."

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