Fish Report for 10-28-2007

Paul's Guys Trip

Bill Roecker

Mike Keating brought his Spirit of Adventure home to H&M Landing October 28, after finishing a ten-day trip with 18 anglers. He was optimistic about improving conditions for yellowfin fishing on the southern banks.

"Bigger fish are there," he told me, "and I think we'll start to see more of them soon."

Dave Morgan of Norwalk won first place for a 90.8-pound tuna he picked up with a sardine on a 4/0 ringed Super Mutu hook. He said he used 50-pound Soft Steel line and 60-pound Line One Spectra on a Tiagra 16 reel and a GRUSA seven-foot rod. The fight ran about 30 minutes.

Brad Golstein of Woodland Hills won second place for a 78-pound yellowfin tuna.

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