Fish Report for 10-24-2017

Photo Credit: Brian Sims


Brian Sims

Traveling down today allowed plenty of time for reflection on the last two days of fishing at Guadalupe. Our fishing was quite spectacular, we hooked and landed Fish from 80 to 150# at a place within reach of a 7 day trip. In two afternoons we landed 37 Quality Tuna. The fishing there just keeps getting better and better. The water temperature is stable and there is plenty of fish running around the island. I’m really looking forward to our December 7 days, for those two reasons, as well as the fact that last year around this time the sharks were starting to leave the area. On our December 7 day last year, we never lost a fish to a shark. If you are contemplating catching 80-150# pound tuna and have the time in December give Tracy or Tim a call in our office. We still have a few spots left on two 7 day trips. 

Our photo today is of Lohn Storms and one of his 125# tuna caught yesterday.