Fish Report for 9-22-2017

Leg in the sand

Tim Ekstrom

Our final day was passed in travel mode after a quick, hour and a half morning break behind Isla Geronimo to try for a butt or two and square away our gear. In weather far more agreeable than forecast we trudged up the line with “one leg in the sand” avoiding the offshore wind and swell that was dished up courtesy of Mother Nature. Overall we could not be more pleased with the results on this run that began with the dubious prospect of being thrown off our game plan by a tropical cyclone down below. As luck would have it, and it definitely was luck, nothing else, the storm fizzled out opening the door for us to proceed with our original plan. To everyone's benefit that storm actually receives credit for spreading out the fleet making plenty of elbow room at all destinations.

A big thank you goes out to charter master Rob Duby who has assembled the finest groups of “Rednecks” that we have had the pleasure to fish with for the past six years. The boys had a grand time again on this run crediting the effort to Rob and crew once again. Thank you! Final voyage photo features Steve Dennison with his 64 pound wahoo coming over the rail. The next voyage will be lead by Captain Paul Caramao who heads into the the “Crucible” ready to do battle. Look for Captain Caramao’s reports and photos to follow.