Fish Report for 9-21-2017

Right Surprise

Tim Ekstrom

Well that went well. What a difference over just a couple of days. We arrived at our chosen destination to find water temps 6 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than two days prior and strong current running in a favorable direction. What followed was a long range Captain’s effort richly rewarded. Beautiful grade yellowtail hit us like a ton of bricks and aside from a couple of beneficial lulls stayed that way until we had our fill. Before lunch time we were on our way north fat and satisfied. While we could legally have taken more we understood that the standard of “enough” had been reached well before the legal threshold. Now carrying an abundance of epic RSW product north to share with family and friends everyone could not be happier.

In epic weather we began the final travel leg up enjoying the scenic Southern Baja coast as it passed by close to starboard. This perfect end to our fishing time may be slightly marred by a sloppy ride home but that remains to be seen. Many a time we have been pleasantly surprised when a gloomy forecast does not come to fruition. Let us hope that is the case this time.

Royal Star veteran Mark Norred receives photo honors with this dandy, 55 pound class wahoo taken a couple days prior on the troll.