Fish Report for 9-19-2017

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello RP Family,

It’s hard to follow such a good day yesterday with an equal or better day. Such is the case with our next to last day of fishing with one exception. We had excellent yellowtail fishing as they were in the mood to play. We started the morning at the same spot we crushed the tuna previously only to find the fish had taken the morning off. After a short ride to Captain Jonathon’s secret yellowtail spot, we had excellent yellowtail fishing with fish between 20 and 40lbs. During that time, Michael Connell had his personal best at 32lbs. We then went back to our spot and hooked a bunch of big ones and lost way more than we boated. Fish were 120-150lbs with a few much bigger that didn’t make it on deck.

Now for the chip off the old block… As many of you are aware, John Yamate is an amazing fisherman (best I know) and his brother Jonathon (although I won’t publicly admit) is both a great captain and great fisherman. Now younger brother Jeff has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and something to prove (one could call it tuna envy. As such, he makes up for it with sheer tenacity and will. Jeff stood out today as the hot angler landing a couple nice yellows and 4 big tuna with two in the 140’s and two in the 120’s. Way to show up your dad and the rest of us!

The shout outs: Michael would like to say hi to Jen, he’s thinking of you and will be back soon. Caitlin would like to say hi to boyfriend Cameron, she’s not thinking of you, but will be home soon. Jeff wanted to say hi to his beloved Julia and wanted to see if his sister Jen has maxed out dad’s credit cards yet.

Keeping sending the Good Ruck, it’s working!

Your Humble Ghostwriter