Fish Report for 9-16-2017

Sauntering Down

Tim Ekstrom


Taking an easy cruise down here departing on the annual “RedNeck Rodeo” with more than a little uncertainty on the bow. Crafting a strategy that includes plan “A”, "B", and “C”, Mother Nature will ultimately dictate where and how we go. A dwindling tropical cyclone down below has us hyper-vigilant about southerly prospects hence the sauntering pace. At the very least we’ll give it a day to settle down and watch while it fizzles out. In the meantime we will be occupied and fishing hopscotching our way down the coast in search of yellowtail, tuna, and “skin”.

Enjoy today’s mouthwatering image of Fisherman’s Processing’s beautiful, finished product. This was one of the beautiful yellowfin tuna processed a few trips ago for one very fortunate Royal Star angler.