Fish Report for 9-11-2017

Wahoo and Tuna

Steve Hoffman

Hi Gang,

What a phenomenal day of fishing we just experienced. It all started with our guys catching good grade yellowfin tuna in the dark, before first light. Most of this fish was 18 to 25 pounds and we had a number of fish that were right at the 40 pound mark. We looked around for wahoo for the rest of the morning and early afternoon. We ended up having a pretty nice day on wahoo with 4 or 5 decent stops through out the day. The guys that were fishing the bombs and the Raider jigs did best on the wahoo today. Wahoo fishing is always exciting and it was great to see some of our guys catch their first ever wahoo today. We set up for tuna this afternoon and that's when things got really interesting. That same grade of tuna we saw this morning wanted to bite this afternoon. It was real deal tuna fishing with baits getting bit as soon as they hit the water. It was pandemonium for a couple of hours and when the dust had settled, we had our quota of tuna for the day. The best thing about this tuna fishing right now is the impressive overall grade. To top off this incredibly good day, our chefs prepared a dinner of scallops and spot prawns paired with a Kunde Dunfillan Cuvee. Nothing short of amazing. We have high hopes for tomorrow. Wish us luck, Captain Bill Cavanaugh and the Intrepid Team