Fish Report for 8-31-2017

8-31-17 Incredible Day

Bill Cavanaugh

Hi Gang,

We awoke this morning to a flat calm ocean with not a breath of wind. We picked up some yellowtail throughout the night, and at 0400 I adjusted our anchor position according to the current. At 0430 we hooked and landed the first fish on the new anchor job, a 25 pound wahoo on the dropper loop rig. Shortly after that, we started hooking yellowfin tuna on the dropper loop rigs. As guys switched over to glow in the dark flat fall jigs and fly lined sardines, it was full speed tuna fishing. This bite continued until just after first light and it was about as good as it gets. This tuna was mostly 15 to 20 pounds with some fish close to 30 pounds. As the tuna bite backed off a little, we picked up a few wahoo and a few dorado. One dorado today looked to go around 35 pounds and was caught by Doug Bowen. After catching a few more yellowtail, we picked up the anchor a started trolling the wahoo plugs. It did not take long to get our first strike. We ended up having some pretty good wahoo fishing and our best stop of the morning was a bingo for 7 fish. An incredible day of fishing that we won't soon forget. Everyone on board is stoked. To end our day, our chef prepared and incredible dinner of seared Ahi that everyone said was the best they've ever had. Strong work chef Chad! We will be working north from here with high hopes of more incredible fishing along the way. Wish us luck, Captain Bill Cavanaugh and the Intrepid Team

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