Fish Report for 8-30-2017


Tim Ekstrom

Still as advertised out here at the big island - mucho fish, not biting. The beauty of the destination however can not be overstated or ignored. Just fishing here alone in the flat calm lee, warm sunshine, and pristine conditions speaks to a fisherman’s soul. But without a doubt that side of this magical island only goes so far. Less fish any more than a day or two of appreciating the scenic beauty takes a back seat to the first objective. We are out here to make a catch.

So we’ll give it one more day as our early afternoon arrival today did not afford us the chance to fully evaluate this zone. After that, if things remain as they are, we’ll be on our way. Photo today features Royal Star angler and charter master extraordinaire Mitch Otera who drew first blood today with this sixty pound, Isla Guadalupe yellowfin tuna.