Fish Report for 8-28-2017

Short lived

Tim Ekstrom

Come 0800 we were humming right along stacking beautiful, beach grade yellows in the RSW tanks enjoying fantastic action, scenery, and weather. Come 10:00 we were holding the bag wondering what the heck happened. Except for the catching nothing had changed. Conditions were perfect; the stage was set. But what is to us obviously is not to them. For their reasons they moved on. And so did we. To the next bank we traveled finding a ray of hope that was also short lived. Not so much that we didn’t have anything to show for it, a good round or two got the blood flowing in the veins and out the scuppers, but again just when we were ready to “get ‘er done” we didn’t.

Ah the reality of fishing: it never get’s old and it never gets easier; exactly why we are enticed to try again, and again. Which is exactly what we will be doing tomorrow. A good shot again at these yellows will put us in a position to move west to the legendary big fish island. For now that is the plan. Photo today features long time Royal Star angler Dennis Dowden who is no stranger to the peaks and valleys of fishing. This beautiful yellowtail is a perfect example of a late afternoon “peak” that put a hard earned, well deserved smile on Dennis’ face.