Fish Report for 8-26-2017


Tim Ekstrom

Back at it today departing on time with Charter Master Mitch Otera leading the charge. Every year since long ago Mitch assembles an all-star group of master anglers who join the effort with good times at heart. Visions of grandeur, though tempered by current reports, are entertained by everyone following last seasons incredible success at Isla Guadalupe. As such we have positioned ourselves to make the run west at some point during this voyage.


Every day being different, and things in general being on the upswing, we sally forth with a superb load of bait well prepared to make good on any and every opportunity found. Reports, and with any luck photos, will continue as we get down to business on the water tomorrow and beyond. We'll try a test image today, a grab from the vault of Royal Star at Clipperton Isle a few years ago.