Fish Report for 8-17-2017


Tim Ekstrom

I have to admit that conditions foiled our plans today. Brimming with optimism following a peaceful night of variety fishing on the anchor we arrived at yesterday’s honey hole to find that the water temp had plummeted. Down two full degrees and “greened” up big time we set up anyway hoping for the best. Battling the blues about conditions and trying to bolster optimism with “remember when” stories of unlikely catches made in off conditions we rode it out as long as we could before admitting the obvious. Conditions spoke to a change right from the gates; and results, or lack thereof not surprisingly, followed suit. Such is fishing.


Always at the mercy of conditions it never softens the blow when we find ourselves on the receiving end. But rather than cry and lament we adapt and move on. Plenty of coastline beckoned above and we set out to make the most of our remaining time. There was some excitement along the way; good bassin’ and a few shots at quality yellowtail broke up the ride. But overall the conditions experienced down below followed us up the line. It appears that for now anyway the whole coast “rolled over”. Pushing on we’ll look to make a stop or two tomorrow while traveling north hoping to break up the ride with a little coastal or offshore action.