Fish Report for 8-14-2017

Fun fishing

Tim Ekstrom

Off to a nice start today enjoying epic weather and fun fishing for abundant, school size yellowfin tuna. Though not too zealous when it came to biting the fish we encountered were eager enough for those who put their time in at the rail and switched up methods. Everything from live bait to flat falls were the hot ticket depending on what stop we were in. Between the fish coming on board and plenty of by-catch released there was plenty of fishing, and catching, to go around.

As night fell we settled into an old favorite location targeting the coveted pargo and other ridge classics. Enjoying the opportunity to wet a line in the balmy warmth of a calm tropical setting nearly everyone took advantage logging some time at the rail for the sheer pleasure of doing so. And some did find success as a few pargo came over the rail proving they still do frequent these haunts. Now that we are here with plenty of time to enjoy we intend to do just that. Settling in for the day tomorrow we’ll see how it goes before considering further options.