Fish Report for 8-10-2017


Tim Ekstrom

A couple of stops produced that hot and heavy action offshore tuna fishing is known for. Though the action was brief it was precisely what the doctor ordered. Following a bumpy uphill run, that fortunately abated well before our late morning arrival in the tuna zone, one and all were ready to settle back in at the rail and do some catching. And we did. Relatively close to refuge we took full advantage at days end reaching the heavenly calm of an island lee just in time for the dinner bell and sundown. Lines in the water highballs in hand it was a fine end to a day that saw its share of motoring.

Our final day will be spent in prospecting mode again offshore seeking to expand the options for us and the local guys. Water temperatures on the coast have plummeted of late and fishing has taken a powder so back to the deeps we go in boom or bust mode. A little luck about now would go a long way. Come on fish gods.