Fish Report for 8-9-2017

Coastal action

Tim Ekstrom

Our day along the coast produced what the doctor ordered albeit in lesser proportions than we desired. It was a good time. Calm seas, beautiful scenery, at least a few fish from just about everywhere we tried, then one hot and heavy evening shot that came at just the right time. Considering the weather outside we were exactly where we wanted to be enjoying the comfort of protection and time at the rail fishing, of which there was plenty.

Then came days end and a call from the north that had to be answered. The time to pay the piper had arrived. As it turned out conditions could have been much worse. We bumped and jumped our way north for about eight hours then, like magic, the wind and seas went calm. And the remainder of the ride was enjoyed by all. Tomorrow we’ll be back on the outside in search of tuna and worthy offshore exotics.