Fish Report for 8-8-2017

No Glory

Tim Ekstrom

There is a definite pattern at this island thus far that does not favor catching. The island itself is still spectacular. And the weather of course, courtesy of a twenty mile long lee, is worth the trip  alone when the wind is up and blowing on the outside. But the fishing has to include some production. Today it barely did. A few yellowtail that were not easy to come by were the paltry result of a full days effort. We did see plenty of the quality tuna that we came for but they were not interested in our offerings, again. 


Looking out the window and over the side one would imagine that some catching would by now be in order. The current was perfect, water temperature ideal, water color epic, etc, etc. Nothing that I can put my finger on is responsible for the lack of response these fish exhibit. Needless to say they are well fed; no shortage of bait in the region has them fat, satisfied, and settled.


Content with our location but not current production we will give it one more day to make darn certain that no stone is left unturned. It is still relatively early in this adventure so we have a little more time to dedicate to the pursuit of glory. Another day in the crucible will soon reveal.