Fish Report for 3-10-2017

It was time

Tim Ekstrom

Not much love outside the island again today though we did enjoy having/seeing something to fish for. Perfect weather was key as we chased spots and drifted up a couple of three handfuls before the Clarion Bell signaled that the time had come to head for home. Positioned beautifully with ample local bait we were hard pressed to assign blame for the lack of significant production on anything other than the fish themselves. They're just not into it. They yield a little, just enough to maintain belief in the cause, but not enough to feel like we tapped the true potential. At the very least we head north with a catch in the hatch adequate to deem the effort a success. Between the tuna and wahoo we scratched out a trip by digging in our heels and making every one count. A satisfying result in light of what could have been the home stretch appears to be primed for relaxing appreciation as this current spate of excellent weather promises to grace the back end travel right to the dock. Thank heaven for it; and thanks to the poor souls that suffered through hell on the last ride north for paying the tab. Much appreciated! My shutter finger was nowhere to be found during the heat of the morning action so photoless we roll today. Look for tomorrow's closing report then we prepare to shut it down for just over a month for our scheduled annual maintenance.