Fish Report for 2-14-2017

Photo Credit: Royal Star

Scattered Sign

Tim Ekstrom

Certainly not the beginning we had our sights set on. Fish scattered to hell and gone, and seemingly in transition, made it very difficult to settle in and do what we do. On the plus side they are here, no shortage of sign, especially in the dark, suggests plenty of opportunity when and if they make up their minds to bite. Until then though we are looking at some real fishing – working hard at the rail for each and every one; the good news being it only takes one.

This fact is demonstrated by one of the couple of fortunate anglers today to tie into the right one. Matt Bowland wrangled this dandy 173 in the dark with relatively little trouble. Tomorrow a new day begins in the same zone. Time, fantastic bait, good weather and conditions, and a stellar group of veteran anglers are all coordinated ready to make the most of any opportunities encountered day two and beyond.