Fish Report for 2-13-2017

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Today we had another day of excellent fishing which saw 31 tuna and 4 wahoo come over the rails. The grade of Yellowfin under 100lbs are by far the exception rather than the rule. The best bite of the day was right around breakfast, and if you happened to be on the kite, your chances were excellent at scoring a great fish. Bait fishing, while tougher, also produced its share.

After that we slowly picked and scratched for the rest of the day. Still no official cows on board but we came about as close as you can get. Big fish honors for the day (and trust me, it’s been a while since I could say this) go to your’s truly, Larry Eilbott with a taped 199 off the kite. Honorable mention goes to Bob Ramirez with a 196 also off the kite. . Numerous other fish in the 170 and up class, and as I said, not much below about 120lbs. With fish of this quality we are obviously in no hurry to go anywhere else and we’ll start here early again tomorrow.

Sam Lewin, and Pat Hickman both improved upon their personal bests from yesterday, and Jaime Zachea got his P.B. today. Don’t stop there guys, plenty of time left to boost those stats. even higher. We had a little more welcomed breeze today than we’ve been having, but sunshine and still gentle seas remain the main weather theme so far.

There was, and still is an Accurate reel up for grabs for the largest non-kite tuna over 200lbs caught for the day. It will roll over for now until tomorrow, when hopefully some lucky bait fisherman scores a cow. We are all having a great time so far, and with fish like this cooperating, how could we not?


He’s added a five foot section
And the coral can’t wait for inspection
As construction chief
For all the reef
He’s proud of his new erection.