Fish Report for 2-11-2017

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Day four and still chugging along in some of the calmest seas you’ll ever encounter. Add to that a cloudless sky and a bright warm sun and you’ve got everything you’d ever want from a fishing trip except actually fishing. That will change sometime after breakfast tomorrow when finally we’ll get around to the real reason we’re out here, which of course is the pursuit of tuna and other game fish. Believe it or not, it took until almost lunch today before Jonathan made his final decision as to where we will start off.

Most fishing trips anywhere else in the world would be about over by now and here we are just now figuring out where to begin! The heading (South)was a given all along but staying in touch and cooperating with other long range boats all factor in as to where our best chances lie. It’s all part of what makes these trips such a unique experience. By tomorrow this time hopefully I’ll be describing all kinds of action, you’ll just have to check back and see.

Jack finally woke up today and remembered that thanks are owed to other contributors towards the trip, namely Izorline, Salas Lures, Calstar Rods, Cousins Rods, and Seeker Rods. Their contributions will be revealed as the trip progresses, but I speak for all when I say it’s greatly appreciated.

Papa sends hugs and kisses to Brooklyn and Kenadie


It says plug it in and then jerk it
But no one could possibly work it
Beware tackle buyer
“The Electric Flyer”
In water will quickly short circuit.