Fish Report for 11-19-2013

American Angler has fond memories of Greg Muller

Bill Roecker

A week ago today, the American Angler lost its chef, a good man with many years of service on the boat. The Angler posted this:

"In response to the many inquiries hoping the news wasn't true, sadly Greg Muller did pass away peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday. The outpouring of concern and sympathy from friends, family and passengers has been absolutely overwhelming and it is amazing how many souls Greg touched. So many of you have expressed a wish to show their love for Greg with cards and flowers, we are in contact with Greg's wife and will share with you all her wishes.

"Friends have been reminiscing and sharing memories, but long time friend, family member, mentor and employer, Nick Cates said it best: "As has been posted by others on this page, Greg Muller died yesterday. And we miss him. He was all that was good in a gentle man. He worked hard in a hard job, never slacking, always helping. His customers, and they were his customers, appreciated his dedication to their successful trips upon the sea. From galley to deck and on to the dock, Greg was known for his friendliness, dedication to the many vessels on which he served, and a lust for life in varied forms.

"And as spoken from the heart by Brian Kiyohara for us all:
 'The American Angler family did not lose a chef, but instead lost a beloved family member, father figure, brother and friend and the void that he has left behind can never be filled."

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