Fish Report for 10-9-2013

American Angler catches daily limits of Yellowtail 125 from home in October, do you believe that

Bill Roecker

"I can't recall ever starting a 10-day trip 125 miles from home in October," said the report from American Angler October 8. "As you all know the BFT should be up right where they were a month ago? (didn't see that coming). Now about our day: we picked our daily quota of nice grade Yellowtail and really it was a great day to get all the bugs out and the gang had good time. We are going to continue on our 10-day trip and keep moving south and then if we have time at some point we'll take a stab at those unpredictable Tuna closer to home.
In the meantime we are going to what we do and go fishing."

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