Fish Report for 10-1-2013

American Angler stops at the local Bluefin grounds and spends the day landing some nice tuna

Bill Roecker

"With the fleet out ahead of us and marginal reports from down below," recalled the report from American Anbgler September 30, "we decided to stop short to try our luck on the local bluefin grounds. Knowing with the way this year has been and having good timing, today could have gone either way. Lucky for us and the big man looking down, we went to work right away only to stay steady through most of the day. With lots of help from our awesome crew in the eyeball department, they had us sliding on 18 to 22-pound bluefin consistently. All of this hot action was even enjoyed in beautiful flat clam weather and from time to time some of these trophy 40 to 60-pounders were thrown in the mix, which added a wonderful feeling of anticipation when setting the hook. Professor Don Lindsay grabbed one of our 27 trophies making him one of the big hitters for the day.
Off to a great start, we are staying local and trying our luck again tomorrow."

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