Fish Report for 8-26-2013

Red Rooster III returns from Izorline & Barnett Family Charter

Bill Roecker

This jackpot report came from the Red Rooster III August 25, after the Izorline and The Barnett Family charter, a seven-day trip.

1st place: 72.8 pound Bluefin tuna Caught by Neal Eniciso Long Beach on a Calstar 700 M with a Shimano Talica 10 on 40-pound Izorline
2nd place: 70.6-pound Bluefin Tuna Caught by Larry Thompson of Mancos Colorado, on a Calstar 665 H with an Accurate Boss 600 with 50-pound test.
3rd place: 69.0-pound Bluefin tuna caught by Matt Rose of Long Beach, on a Phenix Black Diamond rod with an Avet JX and 40-pound Izorline.

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