Fish Report for 8-12-2013

Red Rooster III has a great day - Yellowtail limits, 36 Bluefin, 5 Sheephead, 1 Dorado & 1 Halibut

Bill Roecker

Derek Waldman docked Red Rooster III August 10 after the Seaguar-Catchy Tackle-Hayabusa five-day trip that fished offshore in Mexican waters. The group caught limits of yellowtail, 36 bluefin tuna, five sheephead, a dorado and a halibut.

1st place jackpot: 63.6-pound bluefin caught by Sergio Perez of San Pedro
2nd place jackpot: 63.6-pound bluefin caught by Alex Yoon of Torrance
3nd place jackpot: 63.4-pound bluefin caught by Al Jackson Buena Park
Trolling jackpot: 60.2-pound bluefin tuna caught by Adell Fuller of Las Vegas

On August 11 skipper Andy Cates posted: "We had a great first day that started at 8:00 in the morning and we drifted all day until 5:00. Fish were mixed up sizes from 15 pounds up to 50 pounds. Most fish were in that 25 to 35-pound range. We had another school late and had a little sundowner and took off for the Islands. We are going to try for yellows and bait tomorrow. We really went through the sardines today and need to catch some more bait."

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