Fish Report for 8-7-2013

American Angler finds a Bluefin school in the 50 to 95 lb. range

Bill Roecker

"Putting yesterday behind us," began the American Angler's report August 5, "today we were looking to start off on the right foot. With the weatherman wrong (in our favor), we already had an advantage. We stopped the boat just after daylight and it didn't take long before we were beginning to plunk on 50 to 95-pound bluefin. Although bites were hard to come by, the prize sure was worth it. Well off to what we thought was a great start. Fishing petered out to what became a long afternoon. With the weather still forecast still looking awesome we are looking forward to going toe to toe once again tomorrow. Cousin Jimmy Gallo from New Jersey was proud to show off his trophy."

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