Fish Report for 7-25-2007

Big Bear Contractors

Bill Roecker

Spirit of Adventure docked at H&M Landing July 25 after a three-day trip with owner-skipper Mike Keating and 27 anglers. Chartermaster Steve Powell was there for Big Bear Contractors.

"Man, there's a lot of them things out there," remarked Keating about the albacore he'd seen. "If they ever decide to bite…"

Robert Contreras of Big Bear won first place on the trip, for a 35.9-pound albacore that was very close to the season-leading 36.4-pounder. He said he got his longfin with a sardine on a1/0 ringed Super Mutu hook on 30-pound Big Game line. He used a Penn 4/0 reel and a Penn graphite six-foot rod.

Jordan Cousino of Oceanside won second place for a 31.8-pound albie, and Chris Long of Phoenix, AZ was third, for a 31.5-pound yellowtail.

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