Fish Report for 7-15-2006

Like Bobble-Head Doll

Bill Roecker

"It's been a little rough out there," said Mike Keating of the Spirit of Adventure after docking his vessel July 15 at H&M Landing. "I feel like a bobble-head doll."

Even so, his 23 anglers made a good catch of mixed fish on their four-day trip

Rick Keeley of Carlsbad won first place for a 43.9-pound yellowfin he caught with a sardine on a 2/0 Mustad hook, 30-pound P-Line on a Pro Gear 650 reel and a Calstar 6465 rod.

Evan Jones of Santa Barbara was second, for a 43.5-pound yellowfin, and Al Hirst of Highland won third place for a 40-pound albacore. The winners were joined in the lineup shot by Ricky Cookson of Highland, 13. Cookson goes to Beattie Middle School, and showed off his first tuna, a 21-pounder.

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