Fish Report for 7-8-2013

Bluefin disappeared for anglers aboard the American Angler, but finds Bluefin & success later

Bill Roecker

"When we left the point yesterday (July 5) we were licking our chops," said the report from American Angler, "because the handful of guys we had on the tuna grounds were all engaged in steady bluefin tuna fishing. We arrived on the grounds shortly after daylight with high hopes but after eight hours with just a handful of fish aboard we realized that the fish did the old bluefin-disappearing act that many of us know all too well.

"We all as a fleet spread out in different directions to hopefully find out where they went and it so happened that it took the most experienced captain in our fleet to get on them and put the word out. Frank on the Royal; (who taught me many lessons over the ten years I had the pleasure of working for him) showed everyone once again how intuition and experience pays off, was the first to find the zone and gave us a call so we could all get a piece of the action. The afternoon was wide-open crazy as we enjoyed limit-style bluefin fishing on 25 to 65-pound fish.

"To end the day we saw a spot of big ones as once again experience paid off as veteran angler Allen Tokunaga used the right gear and landed the days largest fish that weighed a respectable 131 pounds."

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