Fish Report for 6-28-2006

Wonderful Yellowtail Fishing

Bill Roecker

Mike Keating brought his Spirit of Adventure home to H&M Landing June 28 after a five-day trip.

"We had beautiful weather," said Keating, "and wonderful yellowtail fishing at Cedros Island; the kind I'd pay money to enjoy myself. We got lots of yellows on the surface iron."

Richard Cisneros of Riverside won first place for a 47.5-pound yellowfin tuna he got after a ten-minute fight. He said he fished a sardine on a 5/0 ringed Super Mutu hook and 40-pound Izorline in smoke color. He used an Accurate 270 reel and a Calstar 765 L rod.

Julian Tongdee of San Bernadino won second and third places for a 33-pound bluefin and a 30-pound yellowtail, making the jackpot shot a three-species lineup.

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